Technical Apprentice

Phoebe is studying to be a Live Events Technician and has been part of The Backstage Centre team since 2019.

She managed to secure her role by working freelance in amateur dramatics for a year prior and making a short film to get industry experience – with all of that, she was offered a job here at The Backstage Centre and is now an important member of the team. Her role includes providing excellent customer service to all clients and involves a broad knowledge of many industry sectors to guarantee her understanding of the clients’ request. This means, Phoebe undergoes training in flying, sound, lighting, pyrotechnics, while also having a licence to drive forklifts, scissor lifts and cherry pickers. 

What’s your favourite part about working at The Backstage Centre? I love the diversity of working here. One day I’ll be doing lots of audio, the next I could be helping rig something up, then I could be helping with lighting – so it’s always something different. When have you gone above and beyond for a client? I taught myself how to automate flying for a music video so one of our clients could achieve the effect they wanted. They wanted one curtain to come out at a certain point and certain speed, and another curtain to come in at the exact same time. I came in three hours early to work it out and spent the next three days doing all of the automated flying for the music video. It was so much fun! What are three rules to live by at The Backstage Centre? Always carry your lanyard or you’ll be locked out of a lot of rooms. You learn that one quickly. Always strive to help the client as much as you can. And, bring snacks!

The Backstage Centre, High House Production Park, Vellacott Close Off London Road, Purfleet-on-Thames, Essex RM19 1RJ

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