General and Technical Manager

As the General and Technical Manager for The Backstage Centre, Louise has the responsibility of overseeing the delivery of our world class rehearsal facility and making sure it is in tip-top condition for our incredible client base which runs from A (Anastacia) to Z (Zoo Nation).

Louise works closely with a talented team of in-house staff to ensure the experience our clients have is second to none. 

Name a time you’ve gone above and beyond for a client.
I’ve gone up onto the roof before in the snow, to fix things and make sure everything was perfect for one of our clients. One time, we had a large conference on, it snowed so badly no other staff could make it to the studio, but luckily, I live close by so managed to brave the weather and get into work. With so many people at the conference, and no catering staff or food available on site, I got our toaster and all the bread I could find to make sure guests had some toast before they started their day.

What makes working here more fun than anywhere else?
We have so many unique and creative people visiting us here, and our in-house team is a really fun group which makes my working life really great. The people and the variety definitely makes being here very enjoyable and most of the time, not feel like I’m working at all.

We’ve gone through a lot of change in the last four years and seeing where we are now makes me incredibly proud. We’ve grown, and the client list is growing – so I’m very proud to say I work here and that I’ve been a part of the studios journey.

What’s it like to work and learn at The Backstage Centre?
It’s a unique place to train to work within the creative industries. Since starting back in 2017, I’ve worked with course leaders to make sure students maximise their practical skills.

I always look to link students with incoming companies to create industry level work experience. The Backstage Centre regularly invites students from the National College Creative Industries (NCCI) in to work alongside our in-house staff. As a result, the majority of our casual staff are NCCI graduates.

Training the next generation of the industry is something we take really seriously here, another reason I’m so very proud to be part of the team.