Assistant Technical Operations Manager

John has been back on board since June. Having completed an apprenticeship and becoming a technician at The Backstage Centre a few years ago, John has a fantastic understanding of the facility and how the business works commercially, so when a new role became available, we were thrilled to have him home.

No two days are the same at The Backstage Centre and John usually finds himself doing anything from assisting clients technically, rigging for an event to supporting his team and ensuring everyone is happy.

John is consistent in overseeing all technical and non-technical building maintenance, such as ensuring the counterweight flying systems are running safely and rigging equipment is ready to go.

He believes: “I have always said, why do a job if you don’t enjoy it? That philosophy is why I do the job that I do – and I certainly enjoy it.”

What is your favourite memory from working at The Backstage Centre?
My absolute favourite memory was staying up all night while Rudimental programmed their lights for their tour rehearsal back in 2017 – it’s not something that happens every day!

What is the hardest part of your job?
My job is basically to keep the building maintained and running at its best. I oversee and help our team with their tasks and ensure all the appropriate technicians are in place. I ensure all building management systems are up-to-date and everyone has the correct information and make sure the logistics of the day are well planned and thought through – meaning everything runs smoothly as possible.

Name a time you have gone above and beyond for a client?
Working at The Backstage Centre, means going above and beyond for clients all the time! This can range from working overnight, resetting the space between an overrunning client and a new client, to running power for catering at 4am so they are able to provide breakfast on time. I always strive to ensure we maintain the highest level of service and in doing this we always exceed what is expected of us. It is definitely not a job where you’re home at the same time every night and you know how your day will turn out when you’re making your first cup of tea.