Business Administrator Apprentice

Baileigh began her apprenticeship in 2018. She heard about the apprenticeship through a family member and after being very interested, managed to land the role of Business Administrator and we are super happy to have her on board.

Just like Anna, Baileigh’s role is front of house with the added responsibility to ensure everyone is safe, accounted for and wearing the correct equipment. Her daily responsibilities include updating the fire evacuation list, answering phones and making sure everyone is wearing their lanyard for safeguarding purposes. Baileigh makes sure all post makes its way to the correct people and everything is looking immaculate in reception.

What is your funniest memory from working here?
Coming to work every day and working with a great team does have its lighter moments! John (Assistant Technical Operations Manager) is always pranking me; he loves to get me with a prank. We do take our work seriously and work hard to keep all our clients and visitors happy.

What is the hardest part about your job?
Sometimes it’s tricky when everything’s going on at once, like the phone goes just at the point that we have three deliveries turning up. But we stay calm, call in help where we need to and make it work.

What makes working here more fun than anywhere else?
Hands down, the staff. We have staff outings which are really fun and a great way to relax. Last year, we all helped out in decorating the Christmas tree in reception because we didn’t have any clients in. But the next day John Barrowman was filming a Christmas special and brought in 23 decorated trees which – let’s just say, they put ours to shame!