Receptionist Administrator

Anna is our newest member at The Backstage Centre and works closely with Baileigh (you’ll read about her later!).

Together, they keep the front of house a welcoming and tidy environment for all clients, colleagues, students and contractors while monitoring stock and performing transactions.

The administrative part of her role includes financial admin, usually consisting of raising invoices and recording all outgoings and incomings. Anna works alongside John facilitating rotas and timesheets for staff members.

What’s been the most challenging part about your job so far?
Understanding and getting my head around the finances for the company is a big job and something I don’t take lightly. I could be dealing with a contract and booking for a one-day hire this month and another four contracts for next year at the same time, so maintaining focus on each client is key. It definitely keeps me busy and focused!

Any tips for any new staff members who may join the team after you?
Roll with it! The first day I arrived there were so many people – working out who was in-house, who was on the client’s team and who were security was a real mission! So, I’d suggest to anybody new that you’ve just got to get to know everyone and take it day-by-day.

What’s been your favourite part about starting at The Backstage Centre?
The people are truly nice, the team are welcoming and the clients I’ve worked with so far has been really friendly. For five years I worked in theatre and events, dealing with all the technical queries UK charity events like high-profile marathons. Filming and shoots are totally new to me, so right now, I’m taking my time taking it all in and learning at the moment.

So far, one of my favourite bits was when one of our clients was creating a whole house inside the studio, the outside was built with wood and scaffolding and the inside looked incredible – just like you were walking into a real home! It’s amazing what a team of creatives can do.

The Backstage Centre, High House Production Park, Vellacott Close Off London Road, Purfleet-on-Thames, Essex RM19 1RJ

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