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Stage Pyrotechnics Safety Awareness Training

The Backstage Centre are delighted to be hosting Just FX’s “Stage Pyrotechnics Safety Awareness Training”

The typical schedule of the course includes:

  • Workshop presentation environment
  • Live device demonstrations
  • Videos
  • Handouts
  • An observation exercise
  • Delegates pressing buttons
  • History
  • Accidents
  • Flame Proofing
  • Maroons & Flash Reports (Concussion)
  • Fragmentation (Bomb) Tanks
  • Flashpots
  • Jets and Gerbs
  • Series Wiring
  • Electrical Testing
  • Paperwork
  • Law
  • Storage
  • HSE Competent Authority Documents
  • Risk Assessments
  • Material Safety Data

Equipment and devices used, demonstrated or viewed during the course include products from

  • Le Maitre
    Pyroflash – ProStage II – Virtually Smokeless (VS)
  • Illusion – Skyhigh – Torch – Blakes
  • Viking – Theatrical Pyrotechnics
  • Wells
  • Ultratec – LunaTech – PyroPak

… and after lunch, delegates are separated into small groups and provided with control systems and pyrotechnic devices and required to set up and ignite the effects in a “not too serious competitive” manner to demonstrate their ability and understanding of the safety issues referred to in the morning session. 3 points being awarded for correct ignition and control of devices

and 10 points for igniting something belonging to another group!!! …

We are sure you get the idea !

Towards the end of the afternoon session we re-join the separated groups to work

together to provide a small presentation using professional devices including

Grid Rockets, Flames, Airbursts, Saxon Wheels, Waterfalls, Mines and Comets.

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