Brian Warrens, the Director of The Backstage Centre, extended a warm and gracious welcome to the Essex Film Office team last year, amidst the enchanting backdrop of Purfleet-on-Thames, a jewel nestled in the embrace of southwest Essex. This remarkable locale boasts not only the finest Soundstage but also serves as a sanctuary for rehearsals and production, an urban oasis embraced by the ever-flowing rhythms of the M25, and the watery flow of the River Thames.

In a spellbinding exchange, Brian Warrens unveiled some of the well-guarded secrets that reside within the hallowed walls of this creative haven, the Backstage Centre and High House Production Park.

Erica Gilson and Gary Kinch, the visionary architects behind the Essex Film Offiice, embarked on an awe-inspiring journey. They envisioned a realm that acknowledges and celebrates the studios and Eastern-based luminaries nestled within this geographical marvel, a realm where landscapes unfurl in breathtaking splendour, where heritage saturates the tales of a time long past, and where locations stretch to infinity, offering an endless canvas to appease the wanderlust of any locations team. This is a place where creatives find the path of inspiration and artistic brilliance.

The landscapes held within Essex are superb, and our creative workforce is resident within the county, but more importantly, possess the capacity to work anywhere. If you live in Eastern counties, you may be surprised to know that thousands of creative industry professionals live and work in our region.

Indeed, it was a meeting that danced to the symphony of creativity and promise, a meeting that illuminated the boundless potential of a region unlike any other, a region where dreams find their stage, and where the magic of storytelling thrives. Essex with its geographical neighbouring counties, Greater London, an East Anglian heartland and abundance of unique vistas and locations which are the real thing.

The future, as envisioned by these visionary minds, promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. The recently published strategy report tells you more about the ambitions, aspirations and current offers throughout Essex.