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Wilko Johnson. Rest In Peace.

From Wilko Johnson Official:

“This is the announcement we never wanted to make, and we do so, on behalf of Wilko’s family and the band, with a very heavy heart:

Wilko Johnson has died. He passed away at home on Monday evening, 21st November 2022.

Thank you for respecting Wilko’s family’s privacy at this very sad time, and thank you all for having been such a tremendous support throughout Wilko’s incredible life.

RIP Wilko Johnson.”

(Image: Leif Laaksonen)

It is such sad news to so many people who knew Wilko, how he touched our lives, and influenced the music scene in Essex, and of course on Canvey Island.

Dr. Feelgood as a band put Essex on the map as a place where music springs from the heart…and from Wilko’s Telecaster like a machine gun.

In 2013, Wilko Johnson was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. But in 2014, he had an 11-hour complicated operation to remove a tumour and large sections of his digestive system.

Wilko, who was born John Peter Wilkinson, was known for his individual and characteristic guitar-playing technique, which influenced the English punk movement.

He was also in the band Ian Drury and the Blockheads before he formed his own group, the Wilko Johnson Band along with Blockheads Bass player Norman Watt-Roy.

He had a brief period of acting as he made his on-screen debut as Ser Ilyn Payne in Game of Thrones in 2011.

Thank you, Wilko for your brilliant music, and the support for all your friends and family.