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We wish you well, Colin….

UCSE Higher Education Dean takes up a new challenge, and we will be sad to see him go.

The Backstage Centre looks at Higher Education and training for the Creative sector.

Colin Bladen-Kopacz wished his brilliant team well as he leaves the University Centre South Essex to take up a new position. As Dean of the Higher Education faculty, he has seen the creation of landmark courses, the revalidation of existing ones, as well as take out the education crystal ball to consider what may be needed in the future?

BA (Hons) Film & Television Production spend a day in workshops in our soundstage. https://www.southessex.ac.uk/course/film-and-television-production-ba-hons

Working with partners at the University of the Arts London and the University of East Anglia, Colin and his team has worked closely with the staff at the Backstage Centre, the Royal Opera House scenic and costume departments, and creative fellows at High House Production Park to develop courses to support the ever-changing needs of the creative industries.

Purfleet-on-Thames is proud of its heritage, and the work of the HE team has ensured education and the opportunities this brings sits at the heart of planning.

Working with partners, such as Ace Ruele’s Creature Bionic workshop introduces BA(Hons) Performing Arts students to learn how to become a motion-capture creature performer for the ever-busy Games and Film industries.

Creature Bionics founder, Ace Ruele.
Ace Ruele’s workshop trainer, Robin Berry, captures the work the students from BA(Hons) Performing Arts achieve on Day 3. https://www.southessex.ac.uk/course/performing-arts-ba-hons-top-up

Two flagship courses – one brand new, the other an established favourite – are delivered from High House Production Park.

The Royal Opera House and South Essex College came together to develop the BA(Hons) Costume Construction programme not long after the Backstage Centre was opened in 2012, and over the subsequent years successfully received validation from the University of the Arts, London to deliver this new programme in a purpose-built facility designed with the ROH and to include a training floor for the undergraduates taking up a place on the course.

BA(Hons) in Costume Construction. https://www.southessex.ac.uk/course/costume-construction-ba-hons

Following the success of the costume construction programme, there was a natural progression to develop a provision which specialised in the high-end requirements for Hair, Make-Up and Effects. This paved the way to the birth of a brand-new, industry supported course where student’s focus on the current skills required today, as well as develop those for the emerging trends in our creative disciplines as they collaboratively develop new ideas and formats.

BA(Hons)/FdA in Hair & Make-up Design and Application for Production. https://www.southessex.ac.uk/course/hair-and-make-up-design-and-application-for-production-ba-hons-fda

Exiting times are ahead as the creative industries and education specialists come together to work on the next round of qualifications.

Comedian and Actor, Joe Pasquale, talking to costume construction students about working in the industry, and what to expect.

Thank you Colin for making your mark on the ever-changing needs of the industries we work with.

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