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The Arts and Culture Network…

The Backstage Centre introducing…. The Arts and Culture Network

Founder of the Arts & Culture Network, a Brand Strategist at Chufd, a Marketing & Business Development Consultant and Connector, Copywriter, Drummer and Pirate!

Mark Walmsley‘s Arts & Culture Network, one of the biggest on LinkedIn, has over 12,000

members around the globe (30% in the US). Join it and take part in some Random Speed Networking on Thu 4 Nov at 1pm (GMT).

On 18 Nov you can enjoy The Arts Debate (TAD): four quick-fire TED-style presentations plus Q&A.

Lots more planned for this new venture, so get in there quick and don’t miss out.  

Random Speed Networking – It’s free, fun, fast and furious.

This free event, between 1pm and 2pm on Zoom on Thursday 4th November 2021 is for arts and culture professionals and practitioners in the UK lunchtime time zone.

Check out feedback from previous events here.

At the Arts and Culture Network, we’ve been making cultural connections since 2010 and we have over 12,000 members in our LinkedIn group.

How it works

Log in at the start time. If you’re late, I’m afraid we can’t wait.

Your host will send you to a breakout room where you will meet 1 or 2 other people, at random, for 5 minutes.

Introduce yourself, share the time, make notes for follow up.

Your host will bring you back to the main room and send you to another break out room where you will meet another 1 or 2 people at random, for 5 minutes.

We do this 7 times, so you will meet at least 7 people.

Jump on LinkedIn after the meeting to add your contact details to the Arts and Culture Network LinkedIn Group and follow up with the people you met.

Meeting Notes

5 minutes – share the time equally.

Enjoy – Have fun meeting new people.

Generosity pays – ask how you can help.

1 mouth, 2 ears – listen and take notes.

LinkedIn – Connect on LinkedIn afterwards.

Meeting Tips

Put your full name and occupation in your Zoom profile so it appears on screen.

If possible, use a background that includes your name, company, and contact details.

Add your contact details to the chat box.

Take photos of the people you meet – ask first.

Invite your friends

For more information, please contact the host Mark Walmsley at mark.walmsley@artsandculturenetwork.com or call +44 (0)7947 793 554

Connect with Mark is on LinkedIn here.