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Temporal Horizon’s Theatre Company presents…..

We are extremely excited to welcome Temporal Horizon’s Theatre Company to The Backstage Centre this coming week. Dracula and Purfleet-on-Thames are eternally linked by a literary pen held by the incredible Bram Stoker.

Harry Fitzpatrick and Charlie Catton’s vision will be presented in an acute and exciting multi-media concept.

Follow the links in the post to book your seat, be quick….limited spaces are available!

Oh….it’s free by the way! But you must register….if you’re not on the list you are not coming in!!

A special screening of a super-cut of the first three episodes of Temporal Horizons Theatre’s brand new miniseries based on Bram Stoker’s Gothic masterpiece DRACULA

This free-to-attend event will run on Wednesday the 11th of January, from 14:00 pm to 17:30 pm at the Backstage Centre in Purfleet, Essex, and will feature an introduction from the Creative Team. A screening of the first three episodes with a runtime of 1 hour and 20 minutes. A short Q&A session with the Creative Team and Cast on the film and the rest of the upcoming series and a chance to relax and Network with one another.

There are only 32 seats available, so best to register to reserve a seat for yourself and your group as soon as possible!

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The Backstage Centre are delighted to support Temporal Theatre Company. Harry and Charlie tell us more.

Who are Temporal Theatre Company?

“We are a theatre company dedicated to creating original dynamic productions and also taking classic works and giving them a twist!”

Founded by Harry Fitzpatrick, Temporal Horizons Theatre is based both in South Essex, and London.

Temporal Horizons Theatre is focused on creating thought-provoking productions and bringing theatre to a wide range of diverse audiences. They are also focused on giving opportunities to all Creatives working within the Industry, including those just starting out, that may not traditionally have had a space or first break for their work.

Temporal Horizons Theatre is made up of both core staff and Associate Members. 

What is your Manifesto?

“Great theatre companies, both past and present, have produced theatrically entertaining and enlightening work, whilst also creating a shared experience for audiences which challenges them to critically examine themselves and the world around them. Temporal Horizons Theatre sets out to continue that mission and aims to develop and deepen those ideals set out by the great theatre companies of the past and present.”

Who do you work with?

Temporal Horizons Theatre works towards providing first-class theatre which will help to both challenge, and theatrically entertain audiences, and also inspire and give a safe space to help the next generation of creative practitioners flourish.  We want our productions to be open to all of the community and a space where the community feels welcome to come and feels a part of, rather than just as spectators. Along with our hopes to provide a safe space for all creatives to flourish, we envisage being the link between audience, play and performers making electric theatre experiences for all. ” 

What can audiences expect?

“We are making original dynamic productions along with taking classics and giving them a unique twist; to show productions which are fun entertainment for younger audiences, as well as dramas which explore the complex nature of humanity. 

Harry’s journey and career in the Arts began when living in Valencia, Spain and after years of studying there, decided to return to the UK in order to achieve a greater understanding and to improve and develop his skills as a performer. He has built a steady career as a performer for stage and screen in both countries, along with founding, running and developing Temporal Horizons Theatre company.

Charlie’s association with Harry began five years ago during their studying of Performing Arts at South Essex College and the University Centre South Essex. They found a similar interest in the theatre and in the types of theatre productions, they enjoyed, along with the work they wanted to produce as performers and practitioners. Charlie’s main passion is to combine both his skills in the theatre with his skills in martial arts and stage combat. He is the Creative Producer and Choreographer of Temporal Horizons Theatre company.