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Partner South East Asia: Arts and Culture Matters

From 9am GMT, Monday 22nd to Thursday 25th November 2021 (Online and free)

This British Council 4-day Partner SEA event aims to increase awareness of the significance and potential of the region for the UK arts and culture sector, and provide opportunities for connection, conversation, and collaboration.

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The Backstage Centre, https://www.chufd.com/ and https://artsandculturenetwork.com/ are working in partnership with the British Council to help raise awareness and promote collaboration between the UK and Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The four-day programme will feature dynamic discussions, artistic showcasing, and networking events with some of the world’s leading thinkers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs. Partner SEA will also present daily country briefings on the above South East Asian countries.

The arts and culture sector in South East Asia is rich and diverse. The region is home to a fast-growing population that is young and digitally savvy. The median age is 30 and the digital economy in South East Asia has expanded threefold between 2015-2019 and represents 7 percent of the regions US$2.8 trillion GDP.

This presents tremendous opportunities for collaboration in the arts and creative industries in terms of influencing policy, international market development and knowledge exchange.

Who is it for?

The event is aimed at UK and SEA arts and cultural professionals, academics, funders, and government officials who are interested in connecting and collaborating with their respective counterparts. 

Why attend?

  • This is the first virtual event of its kind between the UK and South East Asia. It’s a unique combination of inspiring talks, expert presentations, and networking sessions in which you can connect with prospective international collaborators and partners.
  • You will gain new insights, top trend tips, and opportunities for new work in the arts, culture, and creative sector in the UK and in South East Asia.
  • It’s free (but with limited capacity) and you can drop in and out as you wish.

What to expect

  • Dynamic discussions, artistic showcasing, and networking events with some of the world’s leading thinkers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs.
  • An opening keynote on the potential of South East Asia’s creative economy followed by an artist panel discussion (75 mins).
  • Six dedicated country briefing sessions (90 mins each).
  • Three thematic sessions covering the creative economy, arts and inclusion, climate change and cultural rights (60 mins each).
  • Dedicated networking sessions where you can meet counterparts for future collaboration (ongoing during the event).
  • Video presentations on artistic collaboration between artists and creative professionals in the UK and South East Asia.
  • Over 50 inspiring speakers from the UK and South East Asia .

This four-day online event will be in English with live captioning in the South East Asian languages.

Explore the full 4-day programme and speaker list here.

Register free here.