National Heritage Open Day

Join Us on Saturday 17th September for the Heritage Open Day Event at High House Production Park, Purfleet-on-Thames.

The High House Group will be presenting a history of the farm & gardens to highlight the tools needed to sustain self sufficiency through the ages. There will be activities for children & demonstrations of crafts such as sewing, gardening & baking.

We are as usual proud to be part of the Heritage Open Days and the theme of Astounding Inventions this year. High House encompasses a collection of buildings in the heart of Purfleet that have stood for over 450 years – the house, the stable block, the barn, the granary, cart sheds, the workshop and gardens. From the 16th Century up until as recently as 1995, High House has been a working farm, producing crops of wheat, marrows, onions, and pumpkins.

There has always been a need for the owners and tenants of the House to produce crops, grow food, make clothes and furniture in order to sustain the families and workers who occupied the site.
Now it is also home to the Royal Opera House Workshop, the Backstage Centre, Acme Artists Studios and South Essex College’s University Centre South Essex. All of these continue the tradition of utilising amazing inventions.

The written and recorded history of the Manor of High House dates back to 1552 when the house was first built. It was known by many names in its past – the farm was also called Le Vineyards because grape vines were grown on one of its south facing slopes. Its current name comes from the fact that it is a house high on a hill, and still commands great views over the River Thames, including the sight of the Queen Elizabeth the 2nd Bridge.

Event Timings: Saturday 17 September: 10:00-17:00