German Deep Purple Tribute Band ‘PURPLE’ is coming to The Palace Theatre, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex!

What do the Backstage Centre director, Brian Warrens, and the German Deep Purple tribute band ‘PURPLE’ have in common, I hear you ask?

A whistlestop single UK date at Westcliff-on-Sea’s finest Edwardian venue, The Palace Theatre, all of this courtesy of, and to celebrate the 80th Birthday year of Brian’s co-producer Caroline Sim.

photo: Werner Eismann

Child in Time, Caroline Sim, and Soldier of Fortune, Brian Warrens Associates Ltd present Germany’s finest Deep Purple tribute band, ‘Purple’ for one UK date only at the Palace Theatre on Sunday 2nd April 2023.

In 1978, Werner and Gerhard Eismann from Purple were then members of the rock group Softeis & Master of Disaster.

It all began in 1999 when the five musicians played Deep Purple covers in their purest form for the first time at the Gießen city festival. They put on a sensational emotional concert. A little later the band Purple was born. Since then, Purple has been a constant in the music scene and on Germany’s stages.

Werner Eismann says, “My twin brother and drummer Michael Walter have been permanent members of the Softeis Band as well as Purple since that time. Keyboard player Armin Holten, and lead vocalist and frontman, Ronny Moucka joined my former band Master of Disaster in 1995. I met Ronny beforehand in my recording studio.”

We asked Werner if the band had experienced performing with their heroes, Deep Purple.

“Unfortunately, not. Gerhard and I met Roger Glover at his Vernissage in Cologne. …. We were due to support Deep Purple performing in our area. This was already announced in the local media. Unfortunately, Deep Purple had to cancel the concert.”

Deep Purple was made up of five strong individuals, how similar is Purple?

“We are five very different characters, just like Deep Purple, It feels like there’s an incredible number of similarities we have with them.  Gerhard and I noticed that during our conversation with Roger Glover. The musical spirit and fun in the music of Deep Purple unite us into a common strength, which is particularly evident at our concerts. We don’t have a special stage show. We are simply authentic without any frills, Ronny would say. We just hit that wild energy from Deep Purple and our fans feel it right away.”

Is there a favourite song out of their extensive back catalogue you particularly enjoy performing?

“Child in Time” because it is simply a work of the century. Very challenging. It requires an incredible feeling for the subtlety of the tone sequences. The secret is to get the feeling of the song and to convey it authentically. I’m talking about the studio version of ” Deep Purple in Rock”. It touches people. This basically applies to all songs. In addition, you not only have to be able to sing Ian Gillan’s vocals but also capture this highly emotional energy. ‘Lazy’ I love the interaction of the guitar and organ. Also, a great intro by Jon Lord. ‘Strange kind of woman’ Ian Gillan & Ritchie Blackmore’s question and answer game at Made in Japan, is fantastic.

You live and work in Germany, where have your fans been fortunate to see you perform live?

“We played with Purple at many big festivals in Germany and France. Our biggest stage was the Jimmy Hendrix Festival on the island of Fehmarn. About 10,000 enthusiastic fans.”

UK fans will be able to catch your amazing performance at the Palace Theatre in Westcliff on Sea next April. What are your hopes going forward for the Purple?

“After the Covid pandemic, our greatest wish is to be able to do many concerts with Purple on big stages again. Of course, it would be fantastic to meet Deep Purple and give a concert together.”

You can catch Werner, Gerhardt and the band live in concert on 2nd April 2023 at Westcliff on Sea’s Palace Theatre.  Tickets are only £21.50 (inclusive of a £1.50 booking fee), and are available from the Box Office, or online.

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