• SoundBite

Delicious Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Our catering partners, SoundBite, are sharing their recipe for perfect chocolate brownies. The ideal sweet treat for Mother’s Day!


This recipe serves 12

263g – Butter

470g – Caster Sugar

108g – Cocoa

158g – Chopped Dates

95g – Chopped Nuts

95g – Chocolate Buttons

158g – Self Raising Flour


-To begin preheat oven to 170° and line a baking tray with grease proof paper

-Melt the 263g of butter and stir in the 108g of cocoa

-Whisk the 5 eggs and 470g of caster sugar together until pale

-Add the 158g chopped dates, 95g chopped nuts, 95g chocolate buttons and cocoa & butter mixture

-Fold in the 158g self raising flour

-Pour mixture into prepared baking tray making sure it is level across the tray

-Bake at 170° for 35 minutes

-Chill overnight before portioning

-Cut in to 12 pieces, serve & enjoy!