Come and do your work experience with us

Jake Taylor, 12 Jan 2016

During the academic year 2015/16 we are offering up to six work experience places.

Helping the next generation of creative talent get into the industry is an important part of our work here at The Backstage Centre. We see work-based learning as an opportunity to gain practical experience and invaluable insight into our working environments. 

Who do we accept?  

We take 14-16 year olds based in Thurrock and the surrounding areas.

What roles will the work experience be in?

  • Venue operations
  • Arts administration

Work experience for Skills Academy students

  • Additionally, we offer up to four placements a year for 16-24 year olds on courses with members of the Skills Academy education network.

This is in the following area:

Technical (stage)

What you need to know

The number of work experience opportunities we are able to offer is limited, so competition is high.

Our placements are often structured around specific projects or schedules, which means we cannot always predict when the next placement will come up.

Work experience placements are voluntary and unpaid, as we assume you will be in part or full-time education.

The length of time of a placement can vary depending on the specific opportunity, but generally a placement lasts two weeks.

We take our responsibilities to all staff and visitors seriously and follow best practice with regards to health and safety requirements.

How to apply

We will post specific opportunities (events and dates) for students to apply to on Creative Choices.

To apply for a work experience placement, take a look at the role description and send an email application:

  • Stating your reasons for wishing to undertake this placement
  • Explaining what you would like to learn (ideally building on skills generated on your course).

Applications should be sent to

We encourage the involvement of education staff, and welcome feedback on our work experience programme.

Please note that we reserve the right to cancel or postpone the offer of a work experience placement if needed due to operational requirements.